mad seagull

Mad seagull!

I don't live in Monmouth County anymore, but my parents do, and I visit them, and sometimes there are nifty things around here to photograph. So I'm going to add a couple unofficial not-updates (since OTDP is very clearly "no longer updating"). :)

After my last post (August 17, 2008), I moved to Chicago for two years, and then back to north Jersey. I'm still there, and I've been running New Providence Daily Photo for a year and a half (welllll... a little over a year). It's sort of the bastard stepsister of Monmouth County Daily Photo.

There's nothing like NOT living on the shore to make you appreciate it!

Is OTDP still on your RSS feed? Do you still even have an RSS feed? If so, how are you doing?

(FYI, I will probably not continue updates for this clone of the blog; for Jersey shore photo updates, check Monmouth County Daily Photo [on Wordpress] or New Jersey in Photos [on Tumblr].)