I was out on a walk with my mom, and I spotted a used condom on the pavement.

The idea of a used condom on the pavement in a cul-de-sac of suburbia tickled me. How did it get there? Were they a couple of high schoolers in parked car, and they threw it out the window when they were finished? Did they bring kneepads and do it right there on the asphalt? Did they have sex somewhere else but felt the need to dispose of the condom in a completely random location?

I snapped a couple shots.

My mom screamed, "Don't take a picture of the condom! Gosh!"
"It's ART!" I protested.
"No it ISN'T!" she said, and hurried as far away from me as she could, MORTIFIED that she had raised a daughter who took photographs of USED CONDOMS.

It is a fine day indeed when you can embarrass your PARENTS. This, my dear mother, is payback.


John said...

Brilliant! Simply brilliant!

(You probably won't get called a clever little buttercup after this!)

R&R in The Netherlands said...

Don't know which is better, the photo or your writeup!

lv2scpbk said...

Love your write up. It made me laugh. As for the condom, gross. If they can do the deed then I think they should be adult enough to put it in the trash where it belongs.

Zsolt said...

its a creative post..I do not get easily offended by things like this...and your smart style makes it to be an artwork:)

Nikon said...

I think seeing the word "Gosh" on a DP blog is more of a surprise :)
It is a well lit shot!

ruth said...

I would be proud if my daughter took a photo of a used condom. It shows how free you are, and that's great!

Josy said...

John- Ha! I can only hope!

R&R- The great thing about my ridiculous mother is that she lends herself very nicely to stories. :D Glad you've enjoyed!

L- I agree. Littering is not nice!

Zsolt- Oh good! I've been a little concerned that someone like my mom would see this and tell me how offensive I am... but I am thankful for your support!

Nikon- My mommy is a good Christian. She won't take the Lord's name in vain. So if I'm quoting her.... :)

Ruth- Well, I went to a sexually liberal college for four years (with its own school-funded erotica magazine and envelopes of free condoms all over the place).... and my mom was a prude in the '60s. So... we tend to have slightly differing views on such matters. ;) I'm glad you approve, Ruth!

Lavenderlady said...

Your commentary was wonderful! Your poor momma....I bet she was mortified.

mgilpin said...

(big grin and soft applause)...

TeamSplashi said...

That looks like snakes skin

Strangetastes said...

Hilarious! I approve of your sensitivity to found art, or, maybe here, spent art. If you really want to annoy your mother, see is you can get Claes Oldenburg to make a big one for her front law.


St. Louis Missouri Daily Photo Blog

Mike Seneca said...

You're trying to depict Ocean Township, right?

Josy said...

LavenderLady- For as much as my mother mortifies me, I feel no remorse. ;)

m- Oh thank you. :D

TeamSpashi- Ever hear of a 'trouser snake?'...

StrangeTastes- Forget Claes Oldenburg- I'll make it myself and add it to my porfolio. She always requests my art for Mother's Day, anyway. :D

Seneca- This right here is Ocean Twp at its finest.

SPK said...

I really thought I knew you better then this.

This is *so* out of your arena, I LOVE it.

Who thought that shot could envoke such strong feelings????

Kinda.... freaky.

Josy said...

Come on, you don't think I take all these damn flower shots because I like flowers, do you?

Glad ya like it. :D