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Who are you?

I'm Josy, a 20-something college graduate who'll attend UIC in fall 2008 to pursue an MS in biomedical visualization (translation: medical illustration). I was born in Ocean Township (well, technically, I was born in Long Branch, 'cos that's where the hospital is), and I've lived here most of my life. Photography is, for me, an exercise in finding beauty in the everyday ugliness of suburban life. I'm not trying to 'wow' people with my fantastic photography; I'm just trying to have some fun.

Where is Ocean Township?

It's in Monmouth County, NJ, right by the Jersey Shore. Click here for a more in-depth description AND MAPS.

There are a lot of photos here that don't seem to be from Ocean Township.

Good eye. The vast majority of Ocean Township is suburbia and strip malls; I don't always feel like photographing that, and I know you don't always feel like looking at it, so I actually extend my range to all of Monmouth County (hence "monmouthdailyphoto").

What equipment do you use?

I'm not a photographer- I can just barely hold my own when discussing ISO speeds and lens hoods. I'm too much of a klutz to trust myself with a DSLR, so I use a Fuji Finepix S700 (unless I'm resorting to my old Nikon E3200). It works for me at this stage. (See photos taken with the Fuji and photos taken with the Nikon, if you're curious.) As for the editing software, I use GIMP.

How did you get into photoblogging?

This whole thing STARTED when someone asked me to post for his daily photoblog while he was on a trip, which forced me to set up my own Wordpress account. Eventually, I discovered a whole world of photoblogging beyond the informal Daily City Photoblogs. Wordpress's 500-pixel wide limit began thoroughly frustrating me, so I moved over to Blogger, which allows for much more customization options.

(If you're interested in getting your own photoblog up and running, I suggest checking out some of the links on my sidebar.)

Haven't you gotten any recognition for this ABSOLUTELY FAAAHHHBULOUS photoblog?!

1st place for Macroday- Bottom
1st place (5-way tie) for Shutterday- You Light Up My Life
1st place (2-way tie) for Macroday- Produce
1st place (2-way tie) for Macroday- On Your Knees!
3rd place for Macroday- Decoration
3rd place for Tuesday Challenge- Round
3rd place for Tuesday Challenge- Crisp
And in print: Page 10 of The Monmouth Review, 2008, Vol 51.2- Going Down in Flames (untitled in publication)

But if you HAPPEN to feel like adding some recognition, I wouldn't mind a bookmark on Photoblogs.org or a rating on VFXY. :)

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