Spiffy People
Bath Daily Photo (James)
...daily photos from Bath, UK
Bergamo, Italy (Paul)
...travels of an agoraphobic in Italy
Clang|Boom|Snap (Raindog)
...very cool photos, often of urban/suburban decay
New Providence Daily Photo (JosyC)
...after finishing Monmouth County, I moved on to NORTH Jersey.
Hemingway's Paris (Paul again)
...what was Paris like when Hemingway lived there?
What's Better than This? (SPK)
...experimental photoblog and everything else of interest
Santa Clara Daily Photo (Ame)
...photos of Santa Clara, CA from a k-ra-zy photographer's view
The Bad Photographer (Pod)
...he's not really bad. He's hip and experimental.
The Thing of the Moment (JKirlin)
...in his own words, "a nosey, over-enthusiastic... Photowhore"
Zippy Pics
...finding beauty everywhere

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