The Pequon


Today, we celebrate FLASHBACK FRIDAY with a 35mm photo taken in 2002!

The Pequon--a white 1988 Mercury Grand Marquis station wagon with fake wood paneling--was my first car. It was named after Captain Ahab's "Pequod" 'cos it handled like a boat, looked like a boat, was roughly boat-sized, and probably floated. Besides which, my parents had always called it "the white whale" or "the Moby Mercury," so continuing the Moby Dick theme seemed appropriate.

(It's also the car I took to my senior prom.)

This was taken for my first photography class, and I think it was my first experience in taking candid photos of people... and trying to mollify them after they heard the shutter go SNAP and gave me dirty looks.


Per Stromsjo said...

So that would be a car with some memories attached, right?

Adam said...

Haha, I love the comment above me.

And the picture has a very old old feeling to it, a lot of nostalgia wrapped in it.

Hyde DP said...

after they heard the shutter go SNAP and gave me dirty looks.

I get the looks BEFORE I snap!

Josy said...

Per Stromsjo- Mmmmmmmm. No response.

Adam- would the picture still have the "very old old feeling to it" if I hadn't included the description?

Gerald- Well, they didn't realize I was pointing a camera at them before the snap. A Canon Rebel 2000 is a standard SLR camera--not exactly something you can be sneaky about.